BBS CK wheels are available in anthracite (gun metal), bright silver, and polish finishes. Sizes range from 18 to 20 inches. The flawless mesh design is composed of 7 pairs of Y spokes. These long spokes that extend out to the outer rim of the wheels are cleverly done to provide the wheels with larger appearance. The center is intended to provide an authentic racing look. BBS CK wheels are manufactured using one piece counter pressure casting technology and the surface is clearcoated for long-lasting styles. These wheels are a popular choice by car tuners who are looking for performance on the tracks and on the streets.
Size Width Finish Price
18 inch-Anthracite PaintedView Price
19 inch-Anthracite PaintedView Price
20 inch-Anthracite PaintedView Price
18 inch-Bright Silver PaintView Price
19 inch-Bright Silver PaintView Price
20 inch-Bright Silver PaintView Price
18 inch-Polished w/ClearcoatView Price
19 inch-Polished w/ClearcoatView Price
20 inch-Polished w/ClearcoatView Price

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