The JH8 is a stylish 5-wide spoke wheel from ASA. Manufactured with low-pressure casting and heat treatment, these 1-piece wheels are strong and durable, making it suitable for sports and daily driving use. The center of the wheels are available in 3 different colors: a beautiful machine black, an eye-catching machined silver, or the reflective chrome. All ASA JH8 come with nnap-in center caps. Available in 17, 18, 19, and 20 inch.
The 17X7.5 ASA JH8 weights about 20.6lbs and comes in various offsets and bolt patterns.
Size Width Finish Price
17 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
18 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
19 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
20 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
18 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
19 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
20 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
17 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
18 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
19 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
20 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price

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