The ASA AR1 wheels are one of the most popular choice with car enthusiasts. This Y-spokes wheel are unique and stylish. There are 8 sets of spokes on each rim. The AR1 is constructed in a one-piece structure and also optimized for strength and durability to provide for a good driving experience. With machine processed lips and rivets, the ASA AR1 wheels are irresistible. 3 different colors are available from ASA: chrome, silver, and anthracite. When it comes to size, there are plenty of choices, including 15-20 inches, which means you have a lot of choices when it comes to customizing your car.
Size Width Finish Price
17 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
18 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
20 inch-Black w/Mach LipView Price
17 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
18 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
19 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
20 inch-Chrome PlatedView Price
16 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
17 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
18 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
19 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price
20 inch-Silver w/Machined LipView Price

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