Nissan 370z Body Kits

Currently, there have only been rumors and spy shots of the Nissan 370z. As the successor of the 350z, it will have a number of similarities such as the shape of the car. In addition, the new Nissan 370Z will have headlights similar to the design seen on the 2009 Maxima. There are rumors that the headlights will be LED.

The 370Z is expected to the VQ37VHR engine, which is also used on the Infiniti G37 — a V6 3.7-liter engine with at least 330 horsepower. There have also been rumors that a bigger displacement engine might be offered.

There's no question that aftermarket support for the 370z will be plenty after the car comes out. So do expect a large number of Nissan 370z body kits available on the market much like the 350z. As body kits for the z34 debut, they will appear on this page, please check back soon.

2009-Present 370Z