Lexus GS300/GS350/GS430/GS460 Body Kits

The Lexus GS line of vehicles has been a tuners' choice for many years. The most recently versions of the GS uses the chassis GRS190/GRS191 and came out first in 2006 as GS300 and GS430. In 2007, Lexus has tweaked the GS line a little and came out with the GS350 and GS460. Previously, the GS was known as the Toyota/Lexus Aristo and it was one of the most modified cars in Japan. Many like the styling of the Lexus GS as it's represent luxury and sports.

Aftermarket support has been extremely popular in Japan, just about every car tuning company produces performance parts and accessories for the Lexus GS, and the GS300/GS430/GS350/GS460 is no different. There are a good number of body kits available, all of which are well designed to further improve the style and performance of this beautiful Lexus vehicle.

1993-1997 GS300 (JZS147)

There are currently no body kits for this vehicle yet. Please check back shortly.

1998-2005 GS300/GS400/GS430 (JZS161)

2006-Present GS300/GS350/GS430/GS460