Infiniti G35 Body Kits

At its very original form the Infiniti G35 is already born as a head turner. With a sleek and aggressive look, there is no doubt that your Infiniti G35 attracts a lot of attention when you drive around. The Infiniti looks very elegant that it seems impossible to make it look any better. But your body shop neighbor would tell you otherwise because there are many ways to enhance the appearance of your Infiniti G35. If you are seeking for your Infiniti G35 to look more stylish, aggressive, and sportier, an Infiniti G35 body kit will be the answer to your dreams.

A body kit for your Infiniti G35 is a way to restyle this beautiful car into something even more exotic and aggressive. Not every car can benefit from body kits. Fortunately, the Infiniti G35 is one of the cars that carries the characteristics that would. Typical Infiniti G35 body kits out there usually include side skirts and a front lip spoiler. Other Infiniti G35 body kits might include a spoiler or wing, front and rear bumpers. There are also Infiniti G35 wide body kits out there that would also include wide fenders and quarter panels. Below is a list of some of the very popular Infiniti G35 body kits.

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2003-2006 G35 Sedan

2003-2007 G35

2007-2008 G35 Sedan