Honda Fit Body Kits

The Honda Fit (chassis GD), which is also known as the Honda Jazz in some countries, recently came out in the U.S. The Honda Fit was introduced in Japan back in 2001 and quickly became a tuners' choice. A lot of brands provide aftermarket parts for the Honda Fit and there are numerous body kits in the Japanese market.

The Honda Fit's introduction to the U.S. market is similar to that of the Scion line of cars that are made for young people. It's likely that the Honda Fit will become a tuners' choice as well.

Please note that the body kits on this page are for reference only. THEY DO NOT FIT THE U.S. HONDA FIT! Unless extensive modification is made to the car, it is not possible to install these body kits onto a U.S. Honda Fit.

If you just picked up your Honda Fit from the Honda dealership, then definitely take a look at the constantly updated list of body kits below.

2007-2008 Fit

2009-Present Fit

There are currently no body kits for this vehicle yet. Please check back shortly.